Warren Entsch shines a light on the connection between mental health and the marriage equality debate
Warren Entsch

The debate on same sex marriage continues.

It has been announced that Liberal MP Warren Entsch has officially introduced same-sex marriage in the party room this morning. It is not known yet if the MPs will be allowed a free vote on the topic yet.

It is predicted that Mr. Entsch will introduce a notice of a cross-party bill to legalise same-sex marriage sometime today and is expected to introduce the bill next Monday 17 August.

The parliament’s selection committee will review the bill and decide if the bill will be introduced to parliament next Monday.

Labor MP Terri Butler told reporters in Canberra, “We won’t really know the real support for equal marriage in the parliament until people are given that opportunity to cast a free vote.”

If the MPs are given the chance to vote, same-sex marriage would have the chance to pass Federal Parliament by the end of the year.