Battle CryWith the simultaneous beauty and power of a thunderstorm, female breakthrough artist Scarlett Rabe strikes out against oppression and hate, creating an anthem that we can all fly our colors to.

On May 12th, All Out, the leading international gay rights organization, and musical artist Scarlett Rabe launched a powerful video featuring images that highlight the global work of the All Out community set to Rabe’s debut single “Battle Cry”.

The video, a partnership between All Out and Scarlett Rabe, a straight ally and All Out member, is composed of content submitted by All Out members over the last several years, from campaigns around anti-gay laws in Russia and Uganda to anti-LGBT violence in Brazil.

“We were inspired by the message of ‘Battle Cry’ and jumped at the opportunity to work with Scarlett,” said Andre Banks, Executive Director of All Out. “All Out is a huge global community fighting for full equality, each of us giving our time and talents in a different way. Scarlett’s song is an incredible contribution to the movement and the perfect backdrop to highlight the incredible work of the All Out community.”

“Throughout history, people and governments have used religion, nationality, skin color or other hateful excuses to justify violence and discrimination against human beings. Today, it is still a crime to be gay in 77 countries,” said Scarlett Rabe. “The inspiring work of All Out is crucial to changing the perspectives of these people and misguided policies of these governments. I’m honored to be able to add my voice to All Out’s exclamation that everyone deserves the basic human right to live and to love.”

“Battle Cry” was recently added to radio stations across Colorado, Missouri and the East Coast.

The song is an anthem that features lyrics of female empowerment and endurance.

When asked by American Songwriter which of her songs she is most proud of, “Battle Cry” immediately came to mind: “The song is very emotional and powerful for me. It’s the first time I could say the things I said with that kind of conviction.” “Battle Cry” has already received airplay on stations such as KSPN in Aspen, CO, KBAC in Santa Fe, NM, and KCLC in St. Louis, MO. Stations in Virginia and New Jersey will begin playing the song in the coming weeks.

Scarlett shared her surprise on the huge, positive response that “Battle Cry” has been receiving, saying, “It’s been such a beautiful experience! I’ve gotten to see how so many people have felt the same way, even though it’s a unique battle for each person. And the music connects us, literally, through our shared experiences. I guess life forces you to face that, one way or another, to turn that overwhelming fear and shame into a power that comes from inside.”

Inspiration can spring from some unlikely places. Surprisingly, Scarlett’s first exposure to pop and rock music came from secretly listening to the radio as a child.

Her parents did not allow her to watch television or listen to the radio. Instead, they preached the classical arts.

Scarlett elaborated on where her inspiration for “Battle Cry” stemmed from explaining, “Well, I grew up in a really strict and sheltered home…and a lot of the things I felt and what I was inside couldn’t fit inside that very narrow definition of  “acceptable”. My parents were well meaning, but it was a doctrine of fear, if that makes sense. So I spent a lot of years trying to change what was inside me, wishing I could fit into that expectation. And the pressure and the fear were intense, and I really had to battle with that. And once I found the courage to defy the things I was so afraid of, I realized that those fears weren’t even real. So it was really important for me to now be able to say I’m not afraid, and I’m not ashamed, and most of all, I’m not sorry.”

Based in Los Angeles, Scarlett claims as her songwriting heroes Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Carole King. She cites pianists like Bella Davidovich and Vladimir Horowitz as her classical influences, while more modern giants such as Elton John, Tori Amos, and Ray Charles inspire Scarlett in how they “completely own the piano, but in their own unique way.”

As for advice for other budding female artists and musicians to come, Scarlett imparted these words of wisdom: “Do not underestimate yourself. And do not let others underestimate you. If something cries out from inside you, listen to that cry and give it everything in you. And do not stop. Ever. Even when it feels like you should, even when it doesn’t make sense to keep going, even when it seems insane to hope that you’re getting somewhere.

It sounds intense, but it has to be, because especially as women, we have so many things that pull us down and hold us back.

Let those things make you stronger!”