An experience of a lifetime, New Zealand is a magical place.

50 shades of grey hector dolphins surround us in crystal blue sea – our 56 year old wooden sailing boat stopped, while time stands still.  Its Day 6 – we landed in Akora , a tiny coastal town with 900 inhabitants. Annually, 79 cruise liners visit this port and  transfer their passengers on their small tenders to shore, turning the sleepy beauty  into a buzzing hub.


How did we get to Day 6? Tanya is no longer herself, she is far too relaxed, I don’t see this side of her very often. We have truly left the busy world behind us  – and embraced New Zealand’s beauty.


Waking up on Day 7 , I was pulling our cabins curtains  aside , a thick and heavy fog surrounded us, until 3 eye blinks later , I realised it was no fog , I was actually starring at Mountain wall …Milford Sound was all around us. Unimaginable beauty  as we cruise through these fjords. I prefer the sky to be grey today adding to this magic. I have read and seen much about Milford Sound – but nothing comes close to it until you finally travel through it yourself.