Olivia Cruise, the world largest lesbian travel company, departs Sydney, Australia for their first downunder vacation

Day 1
As my partner and I  drive towards White Bay Terminal in Sydney , through a waste landscape that could belong to a post war  film scene – the majestic ms Oosterdam sparkles like a diamond on this humid summer day, fading its ugly surrounding into the background.
The ms Oosterdam was officially christened in 2003 and is a spacious mid size ship with a passenger capacity of , well : 1916 ….lesbians.

This is Olivia’s first departure from Australia , and our second vacation with the worlds largest lesbian travel company.

I am delighted to see a group of woman , dressed as sailors  – who else could it be than Steph Sands and her crew from Woman Say Something. Steph will facilitate  3 events here on board, which I am looking forward to visit. Overall, the entertainment on an Olivia Cruise is diverse, and I just wish Sydney Mardi Gras would stop and look to understand that woman are engaging, if a suitable product is provided.

It does not  take us long to enjoy the gym and thermal therapy spa, missing Olivia Newton John welcome performance!
The first day is all about orientation and bumping into your friends and  exes – it’s a big ship, but such a small lesbian world.
At 830pm the horn blows its departure signal – and we set to sea – through the worlds most beautiful harbor  – not only the Americans are struck by the beauty of the scene we leave behind. Next port : Hobart