Book Cover for Filigrane By Y. L. WigmanA Lesbian thriller/suspense fiction novel.

Filigrane, by Y. L. Wigman is a tense, psychological, paranormal thriller that explores psychic powers, reincarnation, and other intriguing topics, which all blend in this debut novel from Australian newcomer Y.L. Wigman.

The story is very well written and is certainly complex – reincarnation and past life regression to 1944 WW2, to 1986 to 1995 to 1986 to 2009. You have to believe and open your mind to let Ms Wigman take you on this journey.

Kreyna Katz, the protagonist, is an extremely skilled intuitive. She is seeking a position on Australia’s Non-Physical Surveillance Team for training as a remote viewer; these positions are, authorized to gather intelligence at any distance. Her experience within the Filigrane, the global consciousness network, makes her the perfect candidate. ASIO management has fast-tracked Kreyna’s recruitment, into the Strategic Surveillance Division. It looks like Kreyna has an incredible career using her gifts, and, she is taken, on a trip overseas a request by Interpol, to remotely assess if a Dutch informer is being truthful or not during an interrogation. On the flight back to Australia, she meets and becomes enchanted by the attentions of the attractive, enigmatic Frances Parrey. Frances also lives in Canberra with her English Ambassador husband.

The only segment in this novel that needed a little more attention is in the romance, this could be improved if Ms Wigman had developed a better interaction between the two women; to have more love scenes, as the meeting and subsequent relationship of these two women formed the main theme of the plot. Maybe the reason for this is a second book, we can only hope.

Ms Wigman’s passion for studying the human condition, spirituality, and astrology are evident in her work. Edited by famed Katherine V. Forrest, Ms Wigman has given readers great characters, a fine plot, and ideas to think about – what does the not-so-distant future hold for all of us.

Y. L. WIGMAN is a Golden Crown Literary Society 2015 Goldie Nominee – for a debut author and lives in Bandicoot Hollow, a cottage in the hills above Perth, Western Australia.