Book Cover of Brooklyn Love by Whiskey Blue

Brooklyn Love By Whiskey Blue

3 erotica stories in one book - yes please!

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The Messenger by KC Blake

Lucy Murphy, corporate shark, sets her eye on the messenger, she has to have her. No one would be allowed to stand in the way of her conquest of this young woman.

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The Green Muse by Natasha Lee

“My dad would have a heart attack. He would never suspect in a million years that his lesbian daughter, almost thirty years old, is a stripper at The Green Muse". r

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The Last Conception - Gabriel Constans

The Last Conception by Gabriel Constans

Captivating and sublime, a love story with an amazing and intriguing sub-plot.

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The Last Conception - Gabriel Constans

The Last Conception By Gabriel Constans

Passionate embryologist, Savarna, is in a complicated relationship, with two different women, when she is told that she MUST have a baby.

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Book Cover for Filigrane By Y. L. Wigman

Filigrane By Y. L. Wigman

A Lesbian thriller/suspense fiction novel.

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Book Cover for Faking it

Faking It By Jade Winter

Brooke smiled as her mouth hovered near Danni's ear...

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Erotic Prelude - The Arab Marilyn Monroe by Sienna Wilder

The Arab Marilyn Monroe “ Erotic Prelude by Sienna Wilder

Fairuz, removing her army jacket, sent Olivia a smoldering sidelong look, letting her know that she had seen her looking. It gave Olivia a shiver.r

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Book Cover for The Knowing By Karen Campbell

The Knowing By Karen Campbell

Jen is a woman with a special gift that is rewarding yet emotionally draining.

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The Journey Somewhere - A Romance by Suzie Carr

The Journey Somewhere By Suzie Carr

Have you ever kissed someone and found they heated you right to the core?

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