“My dad would have a heart attack. He would never suspect in a million years that his lesbian daughter, almost thirty years old, is a stripper at The Green Muse”. r

Based upon a true account, The Green Muse is a very different, but extremely interesting novel. This “fictional story” is set in Austin, Texas during 2008 when the American economy went into recession.


It is noteworthy, that the author, writing under the pen name of Natasha Lee also lives in Austin, Texas and as you read this novel, it becomes very clear why she is writing under a pen name.


The Green Muse is a lesbian romance story and an account of the hidden culture behind and around strip clubs.


Our main character, Francesca St. Cyr, a feminine lesbian, loses her copywriter job at a top ad agency and after much consideration; she resorts to stripping at The Green Muse to avoid financial ruin. The Green Muse is a ritzy 1920's cabaret-turned-strip-club in Austin, Texas, notorious for its old-fashioned cocktails. One of the main rules and enforced by bouncers is no touching the strippers by the patrons.


Francesca enters a world of fantasy and illusion, while pretending to be straight for the many men she entertains; she covertly romances a female cocktail server.


Apart from the romance story, this novel is well worth reading for the fascinating and intriguing look into a world that most of us would not know about and others could only guess about what happens behind the scenes. It is a remarkable insight to what this business involves, from the managers, the strippers, actual stripping and the men that frequent these clubs, most which of it remains hidden from everyday life.


The author Natasha Lee has written a thought-provoking novel, the fictional characters she weaves into the plot are very believable and this flows through the novel itself. Each reader will form her own conclusion regarding The Green Muse and who is Natasha Lee.