Book Cover for Finding Eve By Jill Huckelberry

Finding Eve By Jill Huckelberry

Lilith & Eve Explore Each Others Bodies at the Pool

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Erotic Prelude - The Arab Marilyn Monroe by Sienna Wilder

The Arab Marilyn Monroe By Sienna Wilder

Shivers ran through Olivia when she received a smoldering look from Fairuz. She had been caught looking...

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Wisdom Beyond Her Years By J-L Heylen

Wisdom Beyond Her Years By J-L Heylen

Ariel died in 2017.She awakes 192 years later, her mind in a 19 year old cloned body. She is underground, in post-apocalyptic Sydney.She meets the captivating Carla, who offers Ariel help to adjust, but Carla has a personal agenda for Ariel too.

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The Messenger By KC Blake

Lucy Murphy, corporate shark, sets her eye on the messenger, she has to have her. No one would be allowed to stand in the way of her conquest of this young woman.

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The Beebo Brinker Chronicles - Books 1-5

The Beebo Brinker Chronicles By Ann Bannon

For an entire generation, The Beebo Brinker Chronicles provided the first representation in literature that they had ever read of women loving women.

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Wisdom Beyond Her Years by J-L Heylen

The Wisdom Series books 1-3.

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cover of Balance Of Forces: Toujours Ici By Ali Vali

Balance Of Forces: Toujours Ici By Ali Vali

Balance of Forces takes you on a ride of emotions that keeps the pages turning

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The Sea Hawk by Brenda Adcock

The Sea Hawk By Brenda Adcock

Julia also finds herself falling in love with the beautiful and alluring Captain Simone Moreau. They say that love conquers all, but can love conquer across centuries, fate, and time itself?

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The Sublime and Spirited Voyage of Original Sin by Colette Moody

The Sublime And Spirited Voyage Of Original Sin By Colette Moody

It is the year 1702 and the pirate ship Original Sin must find a quiet, sheltered bay in the Gulf of Mexico as her captain "Madman Malvern" has been seriously wounded in a clash with a Spanish galleon.Gayle Malvern, daughter of the wounded pirate captain, with a few trusted men, steals ashore under the cover of darkness to find a doctor.

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Mistletoe By Lyn Gardner

Lyn Gardner has created a beautiful story about the magic of Christmas, romance, and laughter, interweaving two women's lives on the way to finding passion and true love.

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