Wisdom Beyond Her Years By J-L HeylenAriel died in 2017. She awakes 192 years later, her mind in a 19 year old cloned body.

She is underground, in post-apocalyptic Sydney. She meets the captivating Carla, who offers Ariel help to adjust, but Carla has a personal agenda for Ariel too.

2209 Ariel is woken by researchers to a very different world. Her mind in a 19 year olds cloned body. Everyone lives underground in New Sydney as the air outside is toxic.

Ariel meets Carla, Chief of Security; a powerful woman, she is charming, but very ambitious. Carla is immediately attracted to Ariel, and the two become lovers. Carla is perturbed why she doesn’t want Ariel having other lovers, as sexual freedom is normal in New Sydney. Ariel explores and discovers the Primes and Elites are the entitled few.

The workers are no more than slaves are. Ariel finds it unfair and disturbing. She becomes disillusioned.  She believes there must be survivors’ living outside who have learned to counteract the toxic atmosphere.

Ariel, Carla, and Tamar don suits and go outside, scavenging for resources. While there, they meet Celeste, without a suit, who is the High Priestess of her village, Real Eden. Ariel decides to join the rebels, leaving New Sydney for New Eden, barely escaping with her life, she has been charged with inciting a rebellion – the penalty death.

The second book, two years have passed. Ariel is now living at Real Eden, learning from Celeste to become a seer and Adept; she misses Carla but, believes they will be together again in the future.

There is another survivor group in Canberra, the army and navy, a possible threat to both New Sydney and Real Eden. When Carla’s old nemesis, Diana resurfaces wanting revenge, to destroy Real Eden.

Ariel, sensing Carla is in great danger slips into New Sydney, rescues Carla before Diana can kill her. Re-united, still in love, there are many changes in their lives to deal with. Surprisingly, the army help to defeat Diana and her followers. New Sydney will now, be how the founders planned, everyone equal and co-habituating peacefully with New Eden.

The third book “Bride of the City” is a prequel, tells us the story of a young Carla and her journey to Chief of Security.

J-L Heylen gives us a glimpse into an alternate future, captivating you from the first page. The two main characters are very well thought out.  There are many more as equally fascinating, interacting Ariel and Carla. There is a fourth book coming, which no doubt will be just as riveting and exciting as the series is so far.