Mama Alto
Mama Alto

Art Events Australia presents the world premiere of“An Audience with Billie Holiday”, a compelling and moving musical stage play

Written by award-winning playwright Neil Cole and starring acclaimed Melbourne-based cabaret performer, Mama Alto as Billie Holiday, accompanied by multi-award winning composer, pianist and musical director, Warren Wills at Chapel Off Chapel from May 7th to 25th.

The legendary jazz singer, Billie Holiday was one of the greatest singers of all time and had a seminal influence on jazz and pop music. Her tumultuous background as a black woman brought up in abject poverty in the early 20th century, underwrote her unique singing ability.

“An Audience With Billie Holiday” is a tribute to the woman they called “Lady Day”; told in the first person by Mama Alto as the great artist, the story focuses on her development as a singer, and the tragic back story that shaped her personality, talent and success. The musical also features the songs that saw this legendary lady achieve unprecedented popularity.

The mesmerizing Mama Alto, known in Melbourne as the “The Countertenor Diva, “ performs regularly at The Butterfly Club and is a must-see at Melbourne Cabaret Festival & Melbourne Fringe Festival.  Mama’s latest show, “Countertenor Diva”  thrilled audiences and critics alike at the Perth and Adelaide Fringe festivals, garnering four-star reviews.