Book Cover for The Knowing By Karen CampbellJen is a woman with a special gift that is rewarding yet emotionally draining.

The Knowing by Karen Campbell is an incredibly well-written, fast-paced supernatural crime novel. The narrator is a psychology lecturer named Jen Keith, who has dreams and visions about deaths that are yet to happen. Her partner Kate Coutts, who is a police officer, finds it hard to believe in Jen’s powers let alone Jen convincing the police force that murders are about to occur.

There are many twists and turns to the plot of the novel but it never loses sight of the main characters, building them up realistically to where the reader feels every emotion. Jen is a woman with a special gift that is rewarding yet emotionally draining and physically exhausting. Not to mention the stress this puts on her relationship.

 Karen Campbell has the exceptional ability to pull the various crime scenarios feeding into the major plots lines and emotions together, put them into words, and create a novel, which is extremely hard to put down. Some readers may find it a bit too much for a bedtime read. Not because of the manner in which the novel has been, written, but you just might start dreaming too, or shall we say, having nightmares?

Every question posed in this novel will be, answered along the way, and even some you may have forgotten with the fast-paced happenings in the storyline. Fans of mystery, thrillers, and the supernatural will thoroughly enjoy reading this novel as you will not ever have a clue to what’s about to come next.

It is impossible to guess the ending, so just follow Karen Campbell’s writing, keep turning the pages, (although I doubt that will be a problem), and all will be revealed in the end.

This novel is the first in a trilogy featuring physic Jen Keith and the next novel will be just as good, if not better.