Hobart, a pictures harbour city, welcomes the Women of Olivia

Day 3

The small red wooden ferry winds itself through the harbour. Its historic looks resembles the feel Hobart gives you – surrounded by history and rolling hills.

The harbour isn’t a tourist attraction but the beating heart of this coastal town. As the ferry disappears in one of the many small ports, other fishing boats pull in with baskets filled of fresh lobster.

Hobart’s inner harbour is beautiful. Sailing boats, kayaks and jet skis manoeuvre their way between ferries and cruise liners. Not even 4 weeks ago the Sydney to Hobart race ended here.

Joining us, for a day in port, is Curves editor in chief Merryn Johns and her fiancé Marcie Bianco.  I am fascinated by Hobart’s original wharf buildings, its harbour university and its pastel colours. Merryn’s request to find an oyster bar within this pictures’ setting, doesn’t take long. The Oysters still drip with seaweed stuck on their ancient shell, which we enjoy with a glass of Jansz