Judy Dlugacz

Inspirational Judy Dlugacz, owner of Olivia Travel tells us how she and 150 other lesbians came to sit on a discussion table with Michelle Obama

Day 4 and 5

Traveling on transport such as aero planes or cruise liners – where the energy of its passenger stays within its doors, is an interesting situation to be in.  I feel like a bunch of flying insects locked into a glass jar with a closed lid. Emotions are running high, commitment ceremonies are held almost daily and debates are escalating. We debate and analyze the same lesbian dramas after 3 days  – get fired up about topics that have been discussed 2 days ago and seem to have verbalized opinions on every single passenger  – 3 times over. Not that there is not enough new material to digest every day  – but we certainly have put our focus on the homo sapiens in the middle of this 3 day journey on high sea. Let’s hope we won’t run out of food!

Judy Dlugacz, owner of Olivia Travel, shared an amazing inspirational story with us, on how she successfully got 150 lesbians to sit with Michelle Obama on a round table discussion – bringing visibility for Lesbians to the White House.

I am inspired, relaxed, emotionally charged and feel that this small lesbian land we are traveling on, has brought so much positive energy to so many women, who will miss the ease of what life could be.

Personally, I feel that the word leaders need to be meeting on a 10 day cruise on high sea – I am sure they would have no choice but to find solutions for the words problems