Will Pashion8Cre8ives See YOU at Fair Day?Quirky ideas woman Letitia Legge breaks heteronormative stereotypes with her cute LGBT designs.

Artist Letitia Legge felt “frustrated and upset” each time she caught a glimpse of one of those normal family stickers you see on the back of cars. You know the ones I’m talking about, they are adorable…adorably… straight.

As a passionate and creative person who realised she just didn’t fit the mould, Letitia set out to break the heteronormative barriers that society places upon every day people.

And thus Pashion8Cre8ives was born!

With the inspiration for a new concept, the initial artworks flowed naturally.

“I immediately thought of my Lesbian and Gay friends and the struggles they have been through, and continue to go through every day.”

It was the lack of understanding and acceptance that fuelled Letitia’s artworks, she channeled that anger to good use and started with producing stickers just for the LGBT community!

“These stickers represent equality, strength and unity for Lesbians and Gays the world over!”

So this leads me to Fair Day! One of the many events the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras put on each year. This is definitely something worth attending and what’s more exciting is that Pashion8Cre8ives will be there too!

So keep an eye out for Letitia on the day, be sure to say hi and check out the range. She will be selling mugs, t-shirts, totes, notebooks and of course the infamous car stickers.

Head down to  Victoria Park this Sunday the 22nd of Feb for Mardi Gras Fair Day.

Be sure to check out the Pashion8Cre8ives Facebook Page and show them some love.