CTRL.ALT.DEL gabrielle christian

Web Series: Ctrl Alt Del

A dark comedy that follows Carson (Gabrielle Christian), a freespirited girl in her late-twenties who lacks direction in her life.

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BJ Fletcher: Private Eye

Web Series: BJ Fletcher Private Eye

This dynamic female duo bring us a comedy and drama series with a hot ever-evolving relationship where the chemistry is undeniable.

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Easy Abby

Web Series: Easy Abby Season 1

Easy Abby is a web series about the anxieties and assumptions of lesbian romance as seen through the eyes of Abby, a chronic seducer just trying to get by without falling in love

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Soulful Divas

Evelyn Champagne King & Thea AustinrBring Old-School Jams to The Dinah!

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We Have To Stop Now

When you think it's awkward"¦.be sure it can get more awkward! Lesbian therapist couple, writes a book "How to Succeed in Marriage without Even Trying" - now under the pump taking a couple's therapy class.

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Vanessa Hudgens and LGBT Acceptance

Vanessa Hudgens on LGBT Acceptance

Love comes first for me

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Sundays at Caf© Tabac

CafƒÂ© Tabac was a sexy, artistic and incredibly necessary (gay and) lesbian club night in the East Village that started in the early 90s which celebrated lesbians in a sexy and chic way, attracting their gay male friends too.

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Producing Juliet

Realizing her open relationship isn't working, Rebecca finds a new focus in the foreign world of theatre by producing the sophomore effort of lovelorn playwright, Juliet, forming a partnership that will put everyone's drama on stage.

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The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association Urges The International Olympic Committee to Add Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to The Olympic Charter

The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) today greets reports from Reuters that the International Olympic Committee may force future bidders to abide by a specific anti-discrimination rule modeled on the Olympic Charter's Principle 6.

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Til Lease Do Us Part Web Series

Episodes 1-6

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