WEAR IT. LOVE IT. LIVE ITAfter a bad day at work, followed by an unflattering t-shirt, our business was born.

I was Vet Nursing and after a hard day of cleaning up crap and vomit, I headed to Marty’s house dishevelled, discouraged and disheartened. As I sat on her bed, complaining that there has to be more to life than vomit, she presents a t-shirt she had shoved somewhere in the back of her closet.

She asked me if I liked it. I took a glance at it while still complaining that I smelt like a sewer and said NO! As I cracked open a beer, I said ” We should design our own t-shirts…..at least I would like what your wearing”

And that’s it. That’s how it started.

Marty would come up with designs in our spare time while I hunted for manufacturers. I was taking on extra work, feeding clients animals while they were on holidays, Marty working overtime and on weekends to gather more cash.

We cut back on every area of our lives to put every cent we had into our business.

I researched everything to do with fashion…..material, sizing, manufacturers, registrations, advertising you name it, I researched it. Sleep was something I used to do, coffee was my way of life. We worked on our business until all hours of the night and into the morning.

Our business became our new relationship and we wanted to spend every spare minute with it.

There were times when sleep deprived I wanted to walk away. I would break up with my business and leave…..only to come back a couple of hours later more driven with more determination accompanied with more ideas.

We decided to put our passion and beliefs on t-shirts….it’s how we started our business in the first place. Marty and I say random things about the universe and about life and BAM we design it. And we LOVE it. And we haven’t looked back.

Fast forward to now and we have a great supportive team, a fantastic motto and a fabulous clothing line. And even though we run our business full time, I still manage to find time to feed people’s animals while they are on holiday.