Sappho lesbian travelLGBTQ Italian Travel Agent Offers Lesbian Twist to Vatican Museums Tour as Part of New 2020 Program

Quiiky LGBTQ Italia Travel is a subsidiary of Sonders&Beach, a global network of brands in the travel and hospitality industry with offices in the U.S. and Italy and more than 100 employees worldwide.

The first Italian tour operator specializing in gay and lesbian tourism, Quiiky provides comprehensive, 24-hour service and superior customer support by drawing upon their extensive network of gay-friendly hotels, vendors, knowledgeable tour guides, and relationships with many of the local LGBTQ communities.

Quiiky Tours also specializes in LGBTQ honeymoons and short, gay-friendly tours that tell the “Untold History” of cities like Rome, Florence and Naples, and historical figures like Leonardo da Vinci and Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi.

LGBTQ tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors in international travel.  Many countries, eager to tap into this lucrative market, are eliminating archaic homophobic laws to create safer and more welcoming environments for gay travellers.

New LGBTQ Tours for 2020

At the Times Travel Show, Quiiky will be debuting their 2020 program of new and updated guided tours in Italy that include “Vatican Museum In a Gay and Lesbian Light.” The tour looks at the numerous artworks referencing male homosexuality, as well as the little-known tomb of Queen Christina of Sweden, a declared lesbian, who is buried in St. Peter’s Basilica, and the ancient Greek female poet, Sappho, who is considered the first lesbian poet.