Queer Women Are More Likely To TravelThe latest travel trends shows who’s dominating the road less travelled!

 A new survey conducted by luxury LGBTI-friendly travel company OutOfOffice.com has revealed that we lesbians and bi women plan to set our out-of-office email response more than twice as often as straight women in 2017. And because travel makes us happy, we’ll likely be smiling a lot more because of it. Sweet!

OutOfOffice asked 2,587 people about their gender, sexuality and holiday intentions and the result was that lesbians and bi women plan to travel 3.84 times, whereas our straight sisters will do so only 1.71 times. The reason for this may be that LGBTI travellers generally have more disposable income and that we are likely to take several short trips rather than one long vacation.

Founder of the travel company, Darren Burn, said “It’s clear that people are desperate to have an excuse to set their Out Of Office and the return to work often sees a flurry of holiday bookings as people want something to look forward to.” January is traditionally the peak booking season in the travel industry due to people securing their trips for small deposits and helping them beat the back to work blues. 

What’s more, recent studies have proven that spending money on experiences rather than physical things leads to higher levels of happiness. In other words: keep setting that out-of-office!