Chris Samy
Photographer: Chris Samy

Chris Samy turns her lens upon the subject of marriage equality in a new exhibition on show at Gasworks

From 4 – 24 March 2013, Gasworks Arts Park and professional photographer Chris Samy will focus the lens on marriage equality within Australia in the photographic exhibition, Even Handed.

A striking convergence of Chris Samy’s impressive technical prowess and her critical viewpoint on a topical issue, Even Handed will feature twelve stunning photographs exploring themes of marriage equality, inclusion, accepting and embracing.

Adorned on the ring finger of each of her subjects, who she refers to as “champions of marriage equality”, is a black ribbon, signifying the loss of equal standing within the marriage act.

According to Samy, these champions of marriage equality will persevere fighting to achieve equal rights within society.

“Our featured champions exist seamlessly in a largely inclusive society; living, loving, contributing and receiving,” she says. “Our only real point of difference is that our commitment to one another falls short of equitable recognition.”

“Nonetheless, we continue to live and love fervently, with dignity and in relentless pursuit of the inevitable: the right to marry the ones we love.”