Just Like You - Love Knows No DifferenceJust Like You – Love Knows No Difference is a photographic movement supporting marriage equality in Australia.

The Exhibition is highlighting how relatable gay and lesbian relationships are through pictures depicting day to day moments of these relationships.

This is a beautiful campaign designed to raise awareness of the inequality that same-sex couples face under the existing Australian marriage laws. Through photos of everyday couples, the project shows how the bonds of love and relationship are the same in LGBTQI partnerships and that we are, in fact, just like everybody else.

It all kicked off as a photographic exhibition in Sydney in April 2013 and since then Just Like You has become a national and international movement. The pictures capture how relationships are just the same whatever the sexual orientation.

Using images from the exhibition, Just Like You have now created a 2014 Calendar.  All proceeds go to Australian Marriage Equality

Now you can be part of it!

Australian Marriage Equality and Just Like You have come together and are launching an exciting new initiative to involve the public in the Just Like You movement! Upload your image depicting day to day moments of your (or any other LGBTIQ) relationship. The pictures do not have to be professional, they just need to fully capture the Just Like You message. The Just Like You team and Australian Marriage Equality will pick the best photographs and use them in their national campaign in support of marriage equality. So, the pictures of your small moments can make a big difference!.