woman portrait laughing Beautiful Women Beautiful Women Photographic Exhibition, explores the characteristics of beauty, in all the shapes, sizes, colours, abilities and ages that women are.

The campaign also celebrates the diversity of beauty and the contributions that LGBTI women have made in challenging narrow definitions of female beauty. Beauty is presented as ‘beyond skin’ to a sense of pride in ‘who we are’.

Breast screen Victoria is leading the Campaign which kicks off with a Premier Event at Midsumma Festival that will showcase photographs of LGBTI women taken by photographer Lisa White (In Bed Project and the Social Photographer)

Beyond the gender binary, the photographs explore the power of LGBTI women and the diverse characteristics of their beauty.  The event invites LBTI women to celebrate their own beauty and is particularly important in the context of debates about same-sex marriage—where there are messages that ‘different is less’.

Already, the response to this Campaign has been powerful and heart-warming. LGBTI women have warmly embraced the opportunity to celebrate their beauty.  Women report that the diversity of beauty is a concept that resonates—but is seldom celebrated.

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