Cover of Archer MagazineArcher Magazine aims to capture a snapshot of Australia’s attitudes to sexual diversity in 2013

Archer Magazine is an Australian publication that aims to capture a snapshot of Australia’s attitudes to sexual diversity in 2013.

Launched in Melbourne by journalist and editor, Amy Middleton (The Bulletin, Australian Geographic, Rolling Stone, The Big Issue), the print edition is unlike anything the Australian media has seen before.

For the first issue, Christos Tsiolkas (author of Australian bestseller The Slap) has written a beautiful and challenging article about the adult sexual desire for youth. He joins 12 emerging Australian writers covering topics such as homosexuality in Aboriginal culture, individuals who oppose gay marriage and urban beat culture.

Other topics explored include:

  • Homosexuality in Aboriginal culture
  • The adult sexual desire for youth
  • Why straight sex is just as queer
  • Urban beats: culture and etiquette
  • Sex and censorship in Australian films
  • There is also an article on the history of queer publishing in Australia, which features none other than LOTL.

This thought-provoking (and, at times, challenging) articles will be flanked by images from some of Australia’s most influential photographers including Kellyanne Denton, Greg Bricknell and Ponch Hawkes.

“Each issue of Archer will date quickly in terms of commentary and photography, leaving behind a relic of the sexual equality movement,” says editor Amy Middleton. “The response to Archer so far has been so positive – I think most people agree that a new media outlet that deals with these issues is vital in Australia right now.”