Angie Green
Angie Green

Sia was awarded the ARIA for Best Female Artist.

At this year’s ARIA Awards, Sia won the Best Female Artist award and asked an ambassador for The Equality Campaign to accept the award on her behalf. The Equality Campaign congratulated Sia, thanked her for her ongoing and incredible support of Australian Marriage Equality, and asked the campaign to accept the award.

Angie Green is a long-time supporter of marriage equality and the founder of Stand Up Events, which tackles homophobia in sport and life.  For Angie, marriage equality is personal as she has two brothers, Steve and Brent, one is straight, and one is gay.

She said, “I detest that I am one of three, but only two of us can get married. No one’s life or whom they love should be up for debate. “

As she accepted the award, Angie continued, “This award is for all LGBTI Australians who are currently unable to marry the person they love in the country we all cherish. This award is for everyday Australians, our families, friends, neighbours and workmates. It’s for the young man growing up in Alice Springs and the young woman growing up in Ballarat.

“Marriage Equality is about ensuring the relationships and aspirations of every Australian are equal and shown the same dignity and respect.

“Thank you for this award, and thank you to Sia for being such a strong advocate and supporter of marriage equality for every Australian. Thank you.”