You and your life dreamsIf you are reading this, it means you are keen on learning about yourself and the world around you. Congratulations!

This is the first article of a series aimed to help you to grow further and make your dreams – small and big – come true. I want to share with you some of the techniques I have used for years that helped me accomplish my goals hoping you can use them for your benefit to become who you want to become.

Your questions and suggestions on what you would like me to focus on for future editions are most welcome. Please let me know what your main areas of interest are.

Today, we will focus on you and your blueprint.

Who you are is a result who you have been since you were born, which basically means you are a result of all experiences you have had so far. What is more, the experiences you have had are the ones you chose for yourself, whether you believe in it or not and whether you realise it or not. You mastered yourself, consciously or not, to become who you are at the moment and it is YOU who decides who you will be tomorrow. The best you can get out if this lesson is to realise that you are a true master of your life and events happening around you and it is you who chooses the paths you walk on.

What does it mean to you? Does that motivate you to make conscious decisions for your future? I do hope so. It is extremely important to know your purpose in life, which we can focus on later, as it will help you choose the directions of your life to make sure you fulfil that purpose you want for yourself.

If you want to create your better you, your thoughts are the best tools to use for that. “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,” (Proverbs 23:7, Solomon). What you think of is how you see yourself, others, the world. No matter where you look the truth is the same recognised in various methods of lives, books, religions. One of the seven principals of huna, way of living, is IKE (ee-kay) – “The world is what you think it is.”  That basically means that whatever you think of yourself, others, and the world is exactly what you are getting! Once you think best of yourself (and add the physical body/state to it) you will notice straight away how you are changing.

If you think some people are born with optimism and great spirits, think again.

It is an art you can learn if you do not know it yet. It is like swimming – you can learn it and master it if you really want. You can learn as much as you want. You can learn only as much to keep you alive, so you can survive and do not drown, or you can learn more to master some of the styles, etc…possibilities are endless. We all have predispositions to learn these things and become who we really want to be.

Your blueprint is what you believe in, what you think is true to you. Everyone has got a different blueprint, but good news – it can be changed!

How to change my belief?

Write down ONE example of your beliefs. Choose the one that you think troubles you most. Example: “I will never be happy.” or “I do not like talking to strangers,” or “I am shy,” “this is just the way I am,” or “salads are boring and tasteless,” or, “I have to have  X [money, car, sex] in order to be happy.” Choose something from your area of life that affects you so much that you wish was not part of you.

You are reading this so you know it is possible. You are half of the success already! And believe me, I have been there many times and it works if you really want it to work. Have you got it?

Now, write underneath the answers to these questions:

•    Why do you think it is like that?
•    Why do you think you will never be happy? Clarify the reasons.  What do you exactly mean by that?
•    What do you think would happen if it was different? Clarify.
•    What are you afraid of when thinking of it? Give examples and clarify.
•    Why would it have to mean that?

Understanding what is behind your belief is crucial. Once you know it, it is easier to manage it. Simple writing it down takes away some emotions already. Now choose the belief you wish you had instead: “I can be happy if I really want to,” “salads can be tasty if they are done the right way,” “I choose not to talk to strangers but I can learn it,” “in order to be happy, I make myself happy,” etc…you choose whatever works for you. Make sure it is positive and what you really want to believe in as it will create your new you.

Then, answer:

•    Why do I want it? Do I really want it? How much does it mean to me?
•    What will happen when I implement this belief? What does it mean? Clarify.
•    Why does it need to be this way? How will that make me feel?
•    How do I feel now just by thinking of it?

Now do it. Take action. Implement it. You know you can do it. To help you gain energy to do it, make yourself a great smoothie. Bananas are cheap again. Make a good carbohydrate shaky smoothie. Blend 2 bananas and 10 dates with 1 litre of water. Blend them twice until you get a smooth texture. Drink it! Enjoy! Yum Yum Yum. This is an elixir of energy!