Happy womanThis month, we will focus on you and your gratefulness as the way to live a happy life and to fulfil your dreams.

I will explain in a moment why it is so extremely important to appreciate. Let’s start with you. Have you ever wondered why we thank others for things they do for us? Do you think we thank them to make them happy? Do you think we actually thank them? Think about it for a moment.

When we are grateful, we appreciate what IS, what has happened, who we are at the moment. We appreciate the past as it helped us be who we are now. We should be grateful to all those people who hurt us in the past, too.

Do you know why?

Think about problems as gifts. Tony Robbins gave me that lesson a while ago and my approach to problems has changed significantly since. Whatever happened in the past gave us something we should be grateful for. It may be difficult to comprehend at first especially when you feel pain, resentment or anger or sadness…but think again, if you thanked that person for what they did to you (not for how you feel as it is in your control); by what they did, they gave you an opportunity to respond to that in the way you did or would/will. Now you are about to learn something. If they did not do what they had done, would you be a different person? Of course, you would.

Make sure you stop any judgements that may come your way right now. You would be different, that’s all, not better nor worse, different. You would not be YOU. And you know you ARE a beautiful being. You are a creation of love. The more we are grateful, the more appreciation comes back to us. Moreover, we stop expecting things, we just accept them the way they are as we know they are meant to happen this way to make us experience particular things to help us grow and get to the truth, whatever the truth is for you now, then and later. You are closer to it than you think. Dreams will come true once you open to accepting them.

The more appreciation for what you have, the more open you are for more.

I am not a teacher to preach to you. Osho said it very beautifully and I thank Matthew for giving me an opportunity to read this quote on his Facebook profile today as it helped me help others to understand and I want to share that with you, too, today.

“Remember: whatsoever I am saying is not the thing that I want to say to you. Whatsoever I am saying has nothing to do with truth, because truth cannot be said. Whatsoever I am saying is nothing but a hammering. If you become awake, you will see the truth.”

Please remember that being awake is not a goal, it is just a journey, the most beautiful journey of all. It was my goal but I realised goals are something you achieve and then you just want more…this is different…this is how you live each day, without expecting anything to happen in a certain way. Having expectations may affect your feelings. Having no expectations gives you joy each time as you get more than you expected, more than zero.
This is your meditation sentence for today:

I breathe. How come I breathe?

Am I grateful for this? Who do I thank? I breathe, my breath was given to me.  How much do you love this opportunity to breathe? For your heart to beat? It just beats… no matter what you say, it will still beat for you. It was given to you, for you. Appreciate. If you can see, appreciate it. If you can walk, appreciate it. If you can run, appreciate it. One has so many reasons to appreciate. Appreciate each day for the next 30 days for something you have not realised you could be grateful for. How does that change you? It will, I promise.