Problems are good for you This time, we will talk about you and your problems.

Have you realised that problems are actually gifts for you? Yes, they are. We can only be grateful for having them as otherwise, life would be too perfect, too smooth and eventually, too boring as we would never grow and develop (which eventually is one of our main meanings of life, isn’t it?). Having problems teach us how to address them, how to solve them, and how to learn from them. Isn’t that a gift already?

Let’s look at problems from this perspective. When we have a problem, there may only be two ways – we can do something about it or we cannot do anything about it.

Option 1.

We can do something about it, then we do it, we learn, we grow, we usually get something while we are solving a problem, we may help others, we may achieve success, motivation, satisfaction, fulfilm-reviewsent, etc…

Option 2.

We can do nothing about it, then let’s not worry. If there is something you cannot control and/or is beyond your power of solving, then there is nothing to worry about. It is NOT a problem anymore. Problem comes from Greek, from proballein, to throw before, put forward : pro-, before; see pro- + ballein, bl-, to throw. Throwing something out of nothing. Heh? I wonder when it started in Greece? What sort of problems they had then and what they were throwing?

Hope you like the drawing I found on the internet. Print it, put it on your wall and whenever you think you have a problem, think again! Have a stress and worry- free life, friends!

Once you start seeing problems as gifts, your life will change significantly. I promise once you implement this technique, you will THANK the problems for coming your way!!!

This is your meditation for today/tonight.

List your problems you think you have at this very moment. List them in order from the most difficult to the ones that are easy to solve in your opinion. Let’s start with the most difficult one. Can you solve it? Have you control/power to solve it? Or the problem lays in someone else’s hands? If you can solve it, how would you do it? What are the options? What are the costs? What are benefits from solving it? Why do you believe it is hard/difficult? Is it really? If you take it step by step, bit by bit, you may find out that it is only the fear that is behind the solution… or the outcome… think about it. Problems are gifts, challenges. And they are given to us so we can solve them. We are only given problems we are able to cope with and handle. You will never face a problem that YOU cannot solve! Guarantee!  Once you solve this most difficult problem, what are the other problems? Piece of cake. Don’t we love cakes? Come on! Love your problems. An anonymous quote I found for you, my friends – “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.”