IndigenousIt’s an undeniable truth- we worked so hard for this vote. We rallied, we were loud, we put ourselves in the firing line, and it’s paid off. The government has to pass marriage equality legislation.

But while we are putting our feet up to recuperate, it’s important we remember that ours isn’t the only fight that has been raging for decades.

In an incredible show of support and solidarity, scores of Indigenous Australians turned out to support the Yes celebrations yesterday.

Indigenous Australians could easily be forgiven for a sour attitude in light of yesterday’s victory. But they came out with unequivocal support.

It’s a slap in the face, for their movement, which has been going on for generations, and has faced injustices far deeper than the pain that we have experienced, to still be struggling, whilst the public fight for legal protections and equality for LGBTIQ Australians has been fought and won within one generation.

We have now proven, in no uncertain terms, that we are capable of inciting change through grassroot movements.

Now, when a rally for First People’s rights goes unnoticed, underrepresented, ignored by mass and social media, there is no excuse.

We rallied for LGBTQI rights because it is us who experienced discrimination. We knew that we deserved better.

Surely now, we can empathise with Indigenous Australians. We know what it’s like to be second class citizens in the eyes of the nation. It’s time to do better for those whose land we walk on.