Greek & Gay Support Network
Greek & Gay Support Network

There’s an in-joke that we Greeks have which goes, “Greeks invented homosexuality”.

This probably stems from the historical evidence that taking a lover of the same sex was just a natural part of life in ancient Greece.

I once stood in the ruins of Athena’s temple and felt the cold shadow of a golden age long since passed. What happened along the way that made Greeks feel ashamed and alienated because of their sexual orientation? We live in an age in which our parents are afraid that ‘people will talk’ and it will bring shame upon the family.

My coming out story goes like this: One night, I met an American girl in a club who was quite forward about her feelings and we ended up in a cheap hotel covered in sweat and strawberries.

The very next day, I heard Mariah’s song “Hero” playing on the radio and drove home to tell my mum that I was gay.

Judging from her screams and her repeatedly doing the sign of the cross, I took it that I was no longer in the good books. I didn’t have anyone who understood. It was a long time before I had the courage to tell people comfortably in conversation that the reason why I didn’t have a boyfriend was that I was quite happy having a girlfriend.

If only I had a group that I could talk to back then —  somewhere I could go where they’d understand.