Is this Judge for real?

I couldn't quite believe what I was reading, so much so that I had to run and get stronger glasses!


I actually read that in New Orleans, Louisiana, a U.S. Federal Judge, Martin Feldman, upheld the state's ban on same-sex marriage. Feldman felt that gay marriage supporters didn't PROVE that the ban violated 'Due Process' Provisions OR 'Equal Rights' under the U.S. Constitution.


WAIT– is everyone sitting down before I quote what this Judge's REASONS were for HIS refusing of gay marriage? OK– good, because your are going to need to sit after reading what this JUDGE FELDMAN ACTUALLY WROTE in his ruling–so here it is: 


"The state (Louisiana) "has a legitimate interest" in banning same-sex marriage because a slippery slope exists that could lead to incest…"


My brain is already hurting from trying to process such an abhorrent link but wait there's still more. He continues;


"For example, must the states permit or recognize a marriage between an aunt and niece? Aunt and nephew? Brother/brother? Father and child? May minors marry? Must marriage be limited to only two people? What about a transgender spouse? Is such a union same-gender or male-female? All such unions would undeniably be equally committed to love and caring for one another, just like the plaintiffs…"


I mean is this Judge FOR REAL? 

First of all, I looked up Judge Martin Feldman on the internet and learned that he was of the Jewish faith–AND SO, in ALL of his right mind and conscience, HOW can he EVER make a discriminating judgment like that after what HIS Jewish Heritage went through during the Holocaust? AND KNOWING FULL WELL that HIS people were terribly discriminated against and blatantly disgraced by the Nazi regime, only to be further tormented, tortured and killed in the most horrific crimes against humanity I can barely think of ! Yes, I'm going THERE JUDGE FELDMAN–and I'm just getting warmed up!


*Never mind what the African Americans went through in Louisiana with the Jim Crow laws strictly enforced in the South–which were laws that promoted black and white segregation in all public places and schools–which only helped fortify racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan that went on killing rampages–often with little consequences. I mean how could HE EVER even think of voting against another Violation of Civil Rights–especially in the South!!


Come to think of it, I also looked up WHEN the Judge attended Tulane College in Louisiana– he graduated in 1955!! When the Jim Crow laws were in FULL SWING in the South! As a matter of FACT Judge Martin Feldman had his OWN Law practice from 1955-1983 down there! And I am MORE than certain HE bore witness to how HARD the Civil Rights movement had to fight–saw marches, false criminal investigations, cover ups, perhaps even litigated a lynching or two–or three or four etc…AND THIS JUDGE MARTIN FELDMAN TODAY VOTED AGAINST CIVIL RIGHTS for another INNOCENT group of people??




Secondly, JUDGE FELDMAN says that gay supporters didn't PROVE the ban on gay marriage didn't violate "Due Process" and violate any "Equal Rights Laws" under the U.S. Constitution. I mean what MORE do we need to prove that wasn't ALREADY PROVEN in ALL the 19 other states that lifted the gay marriage ban in the U.S.? And Tulane Law School let this man graduate? At this point the conservative Republicans JUST want to be a nuisance (which they do a fine job of!)


I mean HOW can this judge NOT see this as a VIOLATION?! It IS CLEARLY a violation in EVERY POSSIBLY WAY! I mean I didn't go to law school, but I did pass all my Political Science classes enough to know– as my second graders also know–WHAT DISCRIMINATION IS! My kids know from their mom fighting against another HYPOCRYTICAL American institution–The Boy Scouts– from their organization's ridiculous ban on gay leaders. I invite Judge Feldman to ask my children to help define discrimination in simpler terms for him to UNDERSTAND– since it obviously was too confusing in Law school–or ANY school he attended for that matter. 


And I KNOW my children would simply say to this Judge– "DISCRIMINATION IS when ALL people are not treated EQUALLY"–because that is what my wife and I (YES, that's right– MY WIFE AND I–who were LEGALLY married in NY) had always taught them since the minute they could speak or THINK.

Basically, "Due Process" is supposed to protect the people FIRST by making sure that EVERY POSSIBLE legal right and pathway is granted to them (or DUE to them) taking precedence above the Federal Law to not deprive U.S. citizens of Life, Liberty and any one of their BASIC HUMAN and CIVIL RIGHTS. And this Judge somehow feels gay advocates didn't do ENOUGH to prove this?


Well, I smelt a rat somewhere–and so I just followed the scent–and it didn't take long for my suspicions to become realized. While researching Judge Feldman I also discovered he was appointed by U.S. former president Ronald Reagan in 1983 and was a staunch Republican. Yes, those die-hard conservatives stuck together like CRAZY glue. The Reagan administration and his buddies were the MOST bigoted, conservative bunch of Politicians that turned a blind eye to the AIDS epidemic in the very first crucial years when they needed funding the most–and then it was deemed the "gay disease" by conservatives. (Yeh, we didn't forget!)


ONLY until straight people were dying from the disease in the thousands and thousands –and from ALL the hard-work of relentless AIDS activists– did the government FINALLY provide SOME funding to fight AIDS. AND most likely delaying the potentiality for a cure–which maybe cost millions of lives. Just look at the Memorial AIDS Quilt that was first presented at the National Mall in Washington D.C. in 1987–until it today completely covers the Mall with 48,000 names and counting. I am sure President Reagan couldn't bear to look at it back then! So, it's really NO GREAT SURPRISE that a judge appointed from that conservative/ignorant administration made such a poor judgment call AGAINST the LGBT community ONCE AGAIN! YES,  I WENT THERE–AND I'M NOT GOING BACK! 


These conservative religious fanatics are disguised under a judge's robe as far as I am concerned–and Judges are supposed to be unbiased and impartial–and this Judge was clearly NEITHER! They carry their "Family Values" rhetoric around with their crosses–yet, they are the most hypocritical people around–for one reason and one reason only–they do NOT VALUE A HUMAN BEING FIRST! Period!


OMG–when are these old-time, bigoted judges EVER going to retire already?? Hasta la Vista Conservatives–YOU WON'T BE MISSED!! Oh, and don't let the court room doors hit you on the way out to the retirement home! Hey, I've got NO sympathy for those who oppressed the LGBT community for so many years. They really did NOTHING–(and STILL DO!)– for our LGBT community other than give us unwarranted aggravation, heartache and grief. So– Good Riddance Bigots–Presidents, Judges and ALL!! 


And to think this Judge Feldman is considered one of the most experienced of District Judges around–they forgot to mention that he's also one of the most bigoted! He basically sided with the Louisiana State's majority vote–instead of the true Civil rights of the LGBT population. I swear we would still have slavery today if we went with the POPULAR Majority VOTE. Yes, it's safe to say I don't have a whole lot of faith in the public majority–ESPECIALLY when it comes to LGBT rights in these states.


It always surprises me how these states and cities with Highly populated African Americans time and time again vote against gay marriage–failing to see it is EXACTLY the same CIVIL RIGHTS fight that THEY THEMSELVES fought in the sixties–AND centuries before! AMAZING how DENIAL–AND religion can be some of the worst –yet, MOST EFFECTIVE–Brainwashing tactics against ANY innocent group of people. 

Now that I'm all warmed up I'll continue!! OK, so here's the juicy stuff–HOW in heavens name can NEW ORLEANS EVER THINK they can actually preach of ANY kind of morals and ethics to ANYONE?? Simply because we ALL know deep down that morals and ethics is really what gay-marriage bans are ALL about–aren't they? You know how conservatives feel that we will single-handedly ruin the foundation of families and are supposedly a total threat to our society. I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt, that CARPENTER ANTS ARE MORE OF A THREAT TO OUR SOCIETY THAN GAY MARRIAGE IS! 


Now, I'm WELL HEATED UP and ready to ROAR like Katy Perry! Yes, the gloves are off–so let's rumble Conservatives!!


My wife and I visited New Orleans during Mardi Gras–Need I say More?? OH, but I will. I can comfortably say that New Orleans rivals Las Vegas as far as 'Sin Cities' go. Has anyone heard of Bourbon Street? Well, it didn't get it's name from selling milk. Yes, New Orleans prizes itself on EVERYONE having a REALLY GOOD TIME! When My wife and I visited Mardi Gras I had never before seen so many underaged drinkers wabbling around –they should really call it WEEBLE TOWN. Which, by the way, they also SELL ALCOHOL THROUGH DRIVE-INS!! No Joke! 


Oh, Did I mention my wife and I were gambling in a Casino right in the heart of town and they were trying to give us free drinks constantly in the casino AT NOON– to the point where we had to beg them away (yes, it was a lot!) I'm sure to help us forget how much money we were losing! Oh, such a PIOUS town indeed. Yes, let's take some ethics tips from Judge FELDMAN regarding NEW ORLEANS! Did I mention that my wife still has some of the welts on her chest from being pelted by Mardi Gras beads being heaved from the drunken revellers hanging from the balconies at my wife's cleavage as we walked down the streets of the French Quarter? Yes, all while we were carefully skirting those same inebriated (a kind description) revellers heaving their undigested lunches launched at us from above. No–Not too good for our coiffed, disco hairdos. 


So funny, as I write this–I am looking outside my window at a popular New Orleans souvenir sign we bought there hanging in my yard that says:

"Beware of Pickpockets and Loose Women."   No –New Orleans is not exactly a popular tourist attraction for nuns.


Hey, I love New Orleans–it's a great city ('cause I'm NO NUN!)–and I actually felt it was a pretty LGBT friendly city because there were PLENTY of GAY bars which were JAM PACKED and roaring wild in that town (although someone did try to steal my leather coat in the gay club.) Yes, I'd say with certainty there was TONS OF GOOD LGBT MONEY GOING INTO THE STATE! SO–what– are we ONLY good to give our hard earned money to the state of Louisiana– BUT we are not good enough to get married in their eyes?? SO UNethical!!! Yeh, Yeh–I went THERE JUDGE FELDMAN!


And here's ANOTHER message for Judge Feldman–

 *YOU will surely be given the most disgraceful, embarrassing and unethical title of being remembered as the FIRST FEDERAL DISTRICT JUDGE  to uphold a state ban on Gay Marriage since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the Defence of Marriage Act. Congratulations Judge–now go celebrate with the rest of the leftover Reagan bunch! It's really Disgraceful–and I would think that is NOT how a district judge would want to be remembered. But I will give him a slight modicum of credit for at least admitting that "His word will not be the last on this."  Yeh–yah think? I would sure hope so after that ridiculously ignorant ruling statement!


I think my next letter should be to Tulane University asking HOW they let this Judge EVER graduate.


Thankfully, a professor at LOYOLA University, New Orleans Law school, has some COMMON SENSE–Professor Isabel Medina, said—"I don't see it as a significant road block for gay marriage advocates…"   


And I don't think so either–it's just another annoying bump in our road to Equality — but one that we will surely get over–and the LGBT community will AGAIN have to PROVE and DEFEND their CIVIL RIGHTS! Gay rights advocates are currently taking it to the 5th U.S. Circuit of appeals (God love 'em!), which those other annoying Texas Republicans already have a same-sex marriage ban appeal awaiting trial there as well. 


As a final note–I DO think New Orleans is a great town with a lot of great people. As a matter of fact, the Louisiana locals were some of the sweetest, friendliest people we had ever met. They have also been through a heck of a lot with the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina (government should've been better to them) and they are NOW finally bouncing back–but slowly, with parts of the Bayou still in disrepair and slum. THIS is what LOUISIANA'S LAWMAKER'S MONEY, TIME AND ENERGY NEEDS TO BE GOING INTO!


The Louisiana government OWES its citizens their rights at MINIMUM! New Orleans should continue to have its fun with its abundant revellers (appropriate ages of course)–BUT Those discriminating Louisiana Law Makers should NOT EVEN THINK of dishing out ANY ETHICAL or MORAL advice by saying that the LGBT community are less in any way by banning us to get married–because THAT is exactly what they are indeed saying.


So Louisiana– keep your ethical advice amongst yourselves and stick with what you guys do best–showing the tourists one heck of a good time! BUT, most importantly, you NEED to give your great, Beautiful state, cities, AND ESPECIALLY YOUR PEOPLE the true spirit and rights they deserve–EQUALITY FOR ALL–and keep the party flowing! 



*Note from the writer:

All my essays or commentaries are sent to the people, places or organizations I am writing about–in other words to ALL THOSE who are working against us–as well as advocacy groups working to help us–Just to let you know…


CJ Mann