Uruguay Passes Gay Marriage Vote

Uruguay passes gay marriage vote and becomes the 12th country to legalise gay marriage.

Uruguay’s congress has voted to legalise gay marriage, the 12th country to do so and the second in Latin America to do so.

Out of 92 lawmakers  72 voted in favour of the proposal. The presidnet, Jose Mujica, is expected to make this a law shortly.

Uruguay is predominately a Roman Catholic nation, 45% of population is catholic.

Damien Diaz a 25-year-old teacher of Uruguay stated  “We’re definitely going to feel now that we live in a place where we’re recognized for who we are, where we get more respect and more acceptance.” Diaz is a gay man in a relationship with another man.

Another exuberant  citizen made comment “I have all the rights and obligations of everyone else.I pay my taxes and fulfill my responsibilities, why would I be discriminated against?”

Same sex marriage advocates back at home  have welcomed this milestone saying it should embarrass Australia’s Political leaders.

Australian Marriage Equality national director, Rodney Croome said,

“Our national leaders should hang their heads in shame when countries like Uruguay treat their gay and lesbian citizens in a more civilised and equitable way than Australia.

“The fact Australia doesn’t have marriage equality is fast becoming a source of national shame, making the campaign for equality, in part, a battle to reclaim some pride in ourselves as a nation.”