2 young women kissingAre we taking the cringing a bit too personally?

At the risk of stirring up a great homosexual roar of boos and hisses, I think that sometimes we as a gay society need to harden up and take on board a bit of constructive criticism. The operative word being constructive. You know what they say, a bit of tough love never hurt anyone. It’s character building. You won’t find any sugar-coating in what I write, because I certainly don’t want any favours or people watching what they say around me, just cause I’m gay, so I write in the same way.

As I was sitting on the train during my commute home, I noticed a lesbian couple sitting in the next carriage, having a tender moment… it was cute…but then it turned into a massive pashfest in full view of a group of school kids. After a couple of minutes, an older lady seated close by gave them a look suggestive of “get a room,” to which the girls were offended, made a scene and changed carriages. I honestly believe that this lady would have given the same look to a hetero couple because this making out was full on!

I’ve heard many a hetero say, “I don’t have any issue with people being gay but I don’t like it flaunted in my face.” Now before we all go getting offended, to my understanding, “flaunting it in someone’s face”, is over the top PDA’s and such. I don’t exactly enjoy watching a couple playing tonsil hockey, regardless of who they’re playing it with, gay or straight, think of the poor bystanders possibly reconsidering eating their lunch due to a couple, of any persuasion seemingly trying to fish for something in their significant others gut.

Through my own personal observations, it seems as though we as gays are more publicly affectionate in comparison to our straight friends.

Why is this? Are we out to prove a point? Is it really just a matter of forcing our own agenda? Are we compensating for something? The questions are endless.

Don’t get me wrong, I love walking around with my girl, holding hands and just enjoying life, but there is a line, and I believe it to be the same line for both gay, straight, alien, whatever your fancy. So here’s a tip, if it involves your mouth or legs being open, keeps it in the bedroom. For the most part, no one cares that you’re making out cause you’re gay, they care because if it’s not appropriate for the hetero population to mack on in public and we want to be treated equally, then we need to abide by the same social etiquettes, and not turn it into an attack on gays in general, when it really isn’t, and perhaps we are just being a little too precious?