Traveling The Two-Lane By Marilyn Berman

Traveling the Two-Lane, by Marilyn Berman, is the best kind of travel memoir, one in which the author reveals as much about her inner journey as the landscape she’s passing through.

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long lived lesbian

How Do You Define Lesbian?

What I’ve learnt in more than two decades is that I can’t define anyone else’s orientation, and my own lesbian identity seems less rigid than it once was

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Roe vs. Wade

Why Should A Long-Lived Lesbian Care About Abortion?

We might not need an abortion, but we need equality and freedom.

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Lesbian Secrets: How to Talk to Girls

Lesbian Secrets: How To Talk To Girls

I once started a four-year relationship by asking a cute butch what time it was.

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Gillian Kendall Tell your younger self

What I’d Tell My Younger Self

Give more of your heart, less of your body.

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lesbian caregiver

Lesbian Caregiving

Are You A Caregiver? Here’s Some Advice

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The Ex Files: Can Loss Be A Life Lesson?

Years after the breakups, I'm grateful to my exes.

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gillian kendall-curvemag

One American Lesbian’s Apology To The World

President Trump may not be my fault, but it's my responsibility.

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Four Reasons For Lesbians To Take Separate Vacations

Blow the travel budget on a luxury eco-resort in Costa Rica, while she goes camping in your local state park.

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The Power Of Human Connection

The Power Of Human Connection

Why genuine human connection is important now more than ever.

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