Tegan or Sara
Do you like Tegan or Sara more?

Have you heard or said any of these lezzie comments?

Bonus points if you’ve said every single one of them.

  1.        “Her boyfriend is so ugly!!”
  2.        “You playing softball this year?”
  3.        “I kinda of want to break up with her, but I love her dog.”
  4.        “Do you like Tegan or Sara more?”
  5.        “I would never bang your Ex.”
  6.        “She was your Ex? Oops.”
  7.        “I need more plaid.”
  8.        “Is my wardrobe too lumber chic?”
  9.        “Do you think she’s gay?”
  10.        “Shannnnnne”
  11.        “Blah blahblah Orange is the New Black”
  12.        “Is it June 12th yet?”
  13.        “So I met this girl on Tumblr…”
  14.        “So I met this girl at the bar…”
  15.        “She’s just different from all the other girls I’ve dated.”
  16.        “We’re going on a road trip to celebrate our 5 week anniversary.”
  17.        “We are gonna be together forever.”
  18.        “I’m gonna ask her to marry me.”
  19.        “We broke up, but we’re still totally friends.”
  20.        “We’re just friends I swear! No feelings at all.”
  21.        “Sooooo…I slept with my Ex.
  22.        “I miss her. *sniffsniff* ”
  23.        “Let’s save a stray kitten together?”
  24.        “Guess what? We’re moving in together.”
  25.        “Think she would mind if I dated her Ex?”
  26.        “I’m out of hummus!”
  27.        “Is this Vegan?”
  28.        “Is this pussy Organic?”
  29.        “I only eat veggie dogs.”
  30.        “Where can I recycle this?”
  31.        “Is Queen Latifa not out yet?”
  32.        “No you can’t watch.”
  33.        “Pass the diva cup?”
  34.        “I’m thinking of trying out roller derby.”
  35.        “Why would I be jealous? We broke up 2 years ago.
  36.        “My Ex is crazy!”
  37.        “I’m doing raw food this month”
  38.        “She has a cat?…She’s perfect!”
  39.        “Oh that girl, I’ve made out with her.”
  40.        “Is Kristen Stewart out yet?”
  41.        “I think we need to talk…”
  42.        “Should we start sharing clothes?”
  43.        “What do you wanna name our kids?”
  44.        “Not that Ashley, the other one.”
  45.        “Androgynous.”
  46.        “I didn’t shave.”
  47.        “Is this mullet too Joe Dirt?”
  48.        “What. Is. She. Doing. Here?”
  49.        “Matching septum piercings this weekend?”
  50.        “Pride Cleanse?!”


So… how many did you get?