Tegan or Sara

50 Classic Lesbian Comments

Have you heard or said any of these lezzie comments?

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Lesbian Dating: The Thrill Of The Chase

Thrill Of The Chase

Why are so many women so illustrious?

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Tis the season to fall in love

10 holiday date ideas for those looking for a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas

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Christmas Dinner

11 Shocking And Hilarious Things My Family Have Said To Me At Christmas Dinner

It's that time of year where many of us are mentally preparing to sit down with our families for Christmas dinner.

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How I Recovered From Christmas

Recovering From Christmas

A step by step guide.

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Woman wearing Peau-de-Loup-jumper

8 Ways The Queer Fashion Industry Is Changing The Landscape

Fashion is much more than arbitrary aesthetic trends.

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Things My Ex Would Say About Me

Things My Ex Would Say About Me

After breaking up, what would your ex say about you?

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Butch Please: How Toronto's #SuperButch Topped The Queer Community

Butch Please: How Toronto’s #SuperButch Topped The Queer Community

#SuperButch helped Toronto reclaim butch identity.

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Suzy who had breast cancer

A Young Woman’s Story About Breast Cancer

Suzy, 36, had a near brush with breast cancer. This is her story.

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Should I Text My Ex?

Should You Text Your Ex?

The question we have all asked ourselves at some point.

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