After breaking up, what would your ex say about you?

Ever wonder after a breakup what your ex would say about you? Like what sort of legacy did you leave? What does a person who knows what the inside of your vagina is like say about you? Think about that. Also, who would be more objective about feedback than someone who once wanted to cut up your clothes in a lover's rage? #AmIRight?!

So I polled my exes and well… None of them replied. Not sure what that says about my legacy…But I hazarded a guess at what they might say for you Baes anyway!

-Folds a mean towel

-Does. What. She. Wants.

-Do not make breakfast plans with her – it’ll almost always turn into dinner #NotAMorningPerson

-Will forget her lunch.

-Will charm you into bringing her said lunch.

-Laughs at all of her own inappropriate jokes the hardest annnnd until her nostrils flare.

-Is a good author with poor grammar.

-Bats left, loves right.

-Might love her dog more than she loves you.

-I don’t know how I live without her.

-Is a bad vegan Re: Quitter.

-Loves her Mom

-Keeps her stick on the ice (I’m not even sure what that means, but it's my favorite piece of advice to give to others. Keep your stick on the ice, Baes!)

-I will NEVER get over her!

-Keeps emergency granola bars in her car.

-Means well.

-Is all about the three W’s = Wine, Women and Wonton soup.

-Communicates regularly in catch phrases.

-Has nice hands.

-Laughs out loud when she reads in bed. Even at 3am.

-Hates plans.

-Did I mention… I will NEVER get over her.

There you have it folks. What I believe my Exes say about me. Ha.

Try this fun exercise, hit me with comments below, on what you think your Ex would say about you.

Natash is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of Effort-Lez a lesbian lifestyle blog

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