The Parents Project
The Parents Project

Plus Lady Gaga on SNL, Mary Lambert to perform in Palm Springs

Everyone Is Gay co-founders Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid have successfully completed their Indiegogo fundraiser for their new pet, The Parents Project. This website—now in the process of being built—is going to be a resource and a strong digital presence for parents of LGBT kids. Right on! [everyoneisgay]

Out and proud writer for DC Comics, Marc Andreyko, is gearing up for the newest issue of Batwoman, promising that he has a lot in store for this lesbian superhero. Be sure to check out the sneak preview before the issue comes out! [afterellen]

Out Orange Is the New Black actor Lea Delaria was sporting Saint Harridan, a clothing line of traditionally male clothes made for women, at the Out 100 bash last week. Not only is she looking fantastic, but she also gave us her thoughts on American Horror Story: Coven and dished just a little bit on season two of OITNB. [afterellen]

Good news, Mary Lambert fans! The VMA performing, “Same Love” singing lesbian will be performing at The Dinah Shore’s Grand Finale this year. The weeklong Palm Springs pool party will take place April 2-6, with Lambert performing at the Hilton Hotel. See you there! [shewired]

Lady Gaga co-hosted and performed on SNL this past weekend, and we’re hoping this isn’t the last time we see her on the show. She made waves of laughter in her “Female Sea Captains” skit, where so co-captains a ship and crew that’s out to find Moby Puss, a whale who allegedly stole her earrings. Good luck, Gaga. [afterellen]

The latest gossip on Evan Rachel Wood, other than her new flick The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman seems to be that our favourite girl has finally opened up about dating Marilyn Manson back in the day. [nydailynews]

Here’s a new web series to get addicted to Single_Never_Married tells the story of a lesbian dating expert who sucks at dating and relationships. Episode one just aired, and it’s free to watch, adorable and hilarious. [onemorelesbian]

Jennifer Lawrence looked like an amazing glam superheroine in Dior at the premiere of Catching Fire, so if you’re crazy in love with her, get a load of her red carpet look. [usatoday]

Everyone’s still talking about Liz Cheney’s anti-gay commentary, and we’ve got John Stewart to the rescue, covering and poking fun at the statement, and showing some support for Mary Cheney, all while making us laugh. [advocate]

Already a Youtube celebrity fan? Brush up on this best of the best lesbian Youtubers list, including well-known Hart who you can watch below!  [afterellen]