jane lynch
Jane Lynch

Plus, Lindsay Lohan’s super gay tweets, Anna Paquin on the bisexual prejudice, and a lesbotastic blind item.

Thanks to Jane Lynch we have some behind-the-scenes photos from the rehearsals for this year’s Emmy Awards, which she will be hosting. Lynch tweeted them this week in anticipation of the event, which will air live on Sept. 18. Check out Sue Sylvester looking super foxy in that dress. Thank God Adidas doesn’t make ballgowns. [AfterEllen]

In a recent interview with V Magazine, Anna Paquin talked about coming out as bisexual, saying, “There is a lot of prejudice against us but the more people talk about it, the less of a deal it will be. Who people choose to sleep with – or spend their lives with – shouldn’t matter, not that anyone particularly cares who I’m attracted to.” We care quite a bit, actually. And those photos! Hot! [AfterEllen]

Maybe since Lindsay Lohan has to spend so much time at home on house arrest (and a judge said that parties at home are a no-no) she finally has time to, like, keep up to date on news and stuff. Thanks to Autostraddle, we can compare and contrast two tweets. On December 2, 2009, when the first attempt at marriage equality in New York was shot down, Lindsay tweeted:

Um, not really. Not such a nice day. But then, when gay marriage was passed in NY last week we got:

She also then tweeted about watching The Kids Are All Right for the “110th time”. Seems like LiLo is getting gayer- and more informed – by the minute. We don’t mind this house arrest thing at all. [Autostraddle]

Way to embrace those gay rumors, Queen Latifah. The queen of hip hop is in an upcoming episode of Single Ladies, where she admits that she once slept with her college roommate. Hmm, any chance this is a practice run for any real confessions? Fingers crossed. [AfterEllen]

Blind Gossip recently asked the question, “Which iconic sci-fi sex symbol with a history of bad relationships has gone lesbian? The once red-hot actress’ life is usually an open book, so it’s no wonder she’s telling friends that she’s ready to come out!” Our money is on Linda Hamilton. Check out Autostraddle’s best guesses. [Autostraddle]