Midsumma is seeking artists, volunteers, performers, event organisers and more to become a part of Melbourne’s annual LGBTQ festival.

Midsumma festival is on the hunt for Artists, Producers, Community Organisations, and individuals alike to become either a Premier Event or a Registered Event within the many festival streams in Melbourne’s annual celebration of all things queer.

Whether your skill lies in theatre, spoken word, cabaret, film, live music or sporting activities, social forums, debates, or perhaps the next life-changing phenomenon that will enrich the celebration of queer community life – Midsumma is getting hotter. Interested parties will need to familiarise themselves with plenty of change ahead of the application process.

Midsumma CEO Adam Lowe is pleased with forward planning. “As Midsumma moves into its new 3 Year Plan, the queer community will see a wealth of difference in our celebrations and the process of participating. We are moving much more seriously into the online marketplace – midsumma.org.au, Facebook, Twitter, tumble, YouTube, and our iPhone application Midsumma12 are all firmly central to Midsummaʼs marketing and PR plans.” Lowe said.

In her report to the AGM, Lisa Watts was also pleased to acknowledge the critical and ongoing support of our long-term partners, particularly our government partners City of Melbourne, Arts Victoria, Tourism Victoria, and the City of Yarra. We also received generous donations from patrons who have funded key events that could not happen without their support. IBM continues to power the Midsumma Volunteer Program into 2012, and Telstra is committed to the return of itʼs very successful ʻCitizen Reportersʼ blogging away about all things Midsumma.

For more info, visit midsumma.org.au.