Rainbow labourThe trade union movement adds their voice to the clamour for marriage equality for the nations’ LGBT community.

Australian Services Union members representing the community sector, local government, energy, finance, airlines and clerical and administrative workers unanimously resolved Tuesday night to support and campaign towards marriage equality in the lead up to the December’s ALP National Conference.
A resolution was unanimously passed at the ASU’s Branch Council meeting on Tuesday 26 July 2011.
“Marriage equality is about fairness. Unions have a long history of fighting for equal rights and fair treatment for all people. All positive changes have come about through people working together and speaking up for what is fair. The ASU is committed to working with others to achieve equal marriage rights for all Australians.
“I have the right to be married as do many ASU members. Unfortunately, our law still discriminates against many workers who do not have access to this right because of the person they love. It is time for Unions to support equality for all working Australians and we are very proud of our stance on this issue” says ASU Branch Secretary Katrine Hildyard.
ASU member Joseph Scales who is also Convenor of Rainbow Labor SA collaboratively presented to the meeting of ASU Representatives with Hon Ian Hunter MLC.
Joseph says “I am so proud that my Union is prepared to fight for equality on all fronts. Rainbow Labor commends the ASU on its groundbreaking leadership for marriage equality in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Unions refuse to accept unfairness and inequality in our society and the ASU has shown today that this push for marriage equality is in the great tradition of the labour movement for a better, fairer community. Rainbow Labor looks forward to working with the ASU and all Unions as we head towards National Conference.”
Ian congratulated the ASU, “The leadership of the ASU and other progressive unions will be pivotal to the marriage equality debate at the ALP National Conference in December. I am very proud to be a member of the ASU today.”