Reward offered for info on Scott Johnson's death
Scott Johnson, whose body was found at the base of Manly cliff in 1988

Police suspect that American tourist Scott Johnson, whose body was found at the base of Manly cliff in 1988, was a victim of gay hate crime.

The NSW government have offered a $100,000 reward for information on the death of gay American student Scott Johnson, whose body was found at the bottom of Manly cliffs in 1988.

Johnson’s death was initially ruled a suicide but in recent years evidence has come to light that Johnson may have fallen victim to a hate crime as there were a number of gay hate bashing’s in the surf-side neighborhood during the late eighties.

It is thought that Scott may have been frequenting a gay beat when he was set upon by his attackers. Police have announced the formation of a new Strike Force (Macnamir) to review the cold case and are hoping that the $100,000 reward may lead to some new information.

Scott’s brother and sister (Steve and Rebecca) arrived in Sydney to make a public appeal for further information. Johnson said he was “gratified” that the investigation was being reopened and that the state government was offering a reward.

He commented: “While this is a significant milestone in our quest for justice for Scott, I think it’s just the beginning in many ways. I feel we’re finally back to where we should have been on December 10, 1988.” He finished: “We understand that police need to look at all different scenarios and support them in that effort. But we believe in our hearts that Scott was murdered in a hate crime because he was gay…”