So you don’t forget to post the damn thing!

In all the flurry of Facebook statues and media blackouts and Twitter wars, one thing remains the most important about the marriage equality postal survey: that those who intend to vote YES actually remember to post the damn thing.

The government’s decision to make the survey postal, rather than online, means that it is about a thousand times easier to forget to fill out and send back to the ABS. Think of how many times you’ve promised to send a postcard or a letter in the mail but then haven’t gotten around to it, because of the hassle that putting pen to paper and then going to the post-box in time entails.


a friendly reminder that looks a little something like this


As such, the good folks at the Australian Marriage Equality campaign have put together a “Plan Your Yes Vote” system, whereby those who plan to vote YES in the postal survey can plan their voting process, from when they think they will be able to post their vote from between September 12 and the close of voting on November 7, to where their nearest post box is. They can then receive reminders via email to follow through on their plan, and make sure that they don’t simply run out of time to cast a postal vote for equality.

We think it’s a brilliant idea. To sign up, and plan your YES vote, click here. Then you can share your Plan with friends and family, to ensure that they don’t forget either!