Lynn_Maclaren-the greens
Lynn Maclaren

The Greens have introduced a Marriage Equality Bill before the WA state parliament.

Lynn MacLaren of the  West Australian Greens party has introduced a Marriage Equality Bill to the WA state parliament.

The bill provides a  state-based legislative solution for same-sex couples who want to marry.

MacLaren says the bill gives same-sex couples the same recognition and arrangements granted to heterosexual marriages.

Ms MacLaren said the Greens had received legal advice saying that state-based marriage laws were lawful and would withstand a federal challenge.

“The bipartisan senate inquiry on marriage equality recommended in June this year that all political parties allow a conscience vote about the issue of marriage equality for all couples in Australia,” said MacLaren.

“It is high time that Australia joined other civilised states and nations in rejecting prejudice and embracing marriage equality.”

“Some day soon, I hope we will look back on this same-sex marriage debate and wonder what all the fuss was about and wonder how such inequitable and prejudicial laws could prevent someone from marrying the person they love and how we could have allowed them to persist for so long,” Ms MacLaren said.