DJ Mandy Rollins
DJ Mandy Rollins

Stalwart of the local dance music scene, DJ Mandy Rollins has disappeared, with friends, family and police holding grave fears for the DJ’s life after her belongings turned up at Watson’s Bay.

Long time companion Mel Fitzpatrick (DJ Feisty) released the following statement on Friday, September 10:

“On Saturday the 4th of September Mandy Rollins went missing and became uncontactable by phone sometime after 7.30 pm. On Sunday, the 5th of September, items of Mandy’s personal property (her cap, wallet, phone and watch) were recovered by police at The Gap at Watson’s Bay. At this stage, police have been unable to recover Mandy’s body and as yet we are not in a position to confirm her passing.

Unfortunately, events leading up to last Saturday in Mandy’s life lead us to hold grave fears for her safety.  Mandy intermittently battled with depression but was generally happy with her life and was very much looking forward to the future especially Extra Dirty in October.

We are all deeply shocked and devastated that she unravelled so quickly. More than anything we would love to think that she will walk back into our lives but we have been advised to presume the worst.

At this stage, there are no plans for a formal memorial service or funeral but I have decided to proceed with Extra Dirty as a tribute to our beautiful girl as she was so loved by so many in our community and I know that this is what she would want. Mandy was very proud of her achievements and felt very much loved by our community. She was one of the finest DJs we have ever had the pleasure to listen and dance to and certainly my favourite DJ. I know she brought incredible joy to many. Personally, I feel like I have lost the other half of my soul.

I will of course provide more details when I have them from the police and request that you respect Mandy and her family and close friends at this very difficult time.

Thank you for the many messages of love and support.

Mel Fitzpatrick (aka Feisty).”

Rollins was a fixture in the local dance party scene, best known for her electronica and house music. She played many a Mardi Gras and Sleaze party over the years – no doubt uniting many a couple on the dance floor. Rollins was scheduled to play the upcoming Extra Dirty party this long weekend.


Rollins had battled depression for some time…


If you’re having trouble with dealing with depression or simply need a friendly ear, contact Lifeline: or call 131 114 (24 hours).