Brisbane Leather Pride hands over cheque donationThe Brisbane Leather Pride Committee decided that this year’s donation would be specifically for the Gender Clinic, QuAC’s service for the sex and gender diverse (trans*) community.

The Brisbane Leather Pride (BLP) had the opportunity to put money where their hearts are by donating $944.75 to the Gender Clinic.

Whilst trans* people are part of the LGBT health agenda, trans* individuals have poorer health outcomes and face greater discrimination than lesbian, gay and bisexual people. The reality is that issues such as shame, phobia, and privilege affect the community differently. These inequalities are ingrained but not inherent to the LGBTIQ community and serve as indicators of what work remains – until we can all stand equally proud of who we are, who we love, and how we live.

Gathering with many members of the local LGBTIQ community, BLP walked down Brunswick Street with their BootCo. brothers and Krave Kink sisters. Sporting their leather, latex, leashes, flags, and somewhat less-than-practical footwear, the day served as a powerful reminder as to what they aim to accomplish through Brisbane Leather Pride, and why they embarked on this journey in the first place.

Whilst the Committee learned much along the way, as can be expected in attempting such an enormous undertaking for the first time, there is much to celebrate. The Fetish and Alternative Market was a massive success. Their workshops were very well received, and participants contributed wonderful feedback regarding what workshops BLP should offer in the near future. The Fetish Fridays trilogy took on another evolution this year; they showcased three different kink venues and were able to accommodate a larger audience.

BLP recognises that QuAC works tirelessly to provide essential services and support to the community, such as through Clinic30, a free service dedicated to addressing the Mental & Sexual Health of the LGBTI Community in Brisbane.