SONiA by Lea Morales
SONiA by Lea Morales

SONiA disappear fear releases her new single Ghost of the Kangaroo on April 22, 2020 (Earth Day).

SONiA disappear fear experienced closely the devastating destruction caused by wildfires during her recent Australia tour (Nov ’19 – Feb ’20). She was inspired to write this song encouraging everyone to help halt climate change and protect the Earth. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this single go to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (Earth Alliance).

Currently, SDF has 20 award-winning CDs including first round Grammy entries. “Her songs are a vivid celebration of the human spirit in all its infinite manifestations,” writes Don Kening (Chicago Daily Herald), “her music has a singular sound that makes labeling and categorizing a waste of time.”

“On tour from November 2019 to February 2020 during the fires in Australia, I saw such devastation – but I also saw the people come together, and by this I was moved and inspired. I felt like I saw the future if we do nothing to change climate change. And now a force beyond anyone’s imagination has stepped in to give us all a very different perspective on life and what’s truly important.” – SONiA disappear fear

“As we drove north we found ourselves in tears as we witnessed acre after acre of burned out forest and animals that were clearly not getting enough food. We still never thought about leaving instead wondered what we could do to help.” – Terry Irons

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