Grayson releases EP Head to HeadTwenty-one-year-old musician Grayson is a star on the rise.

The non-binary artist is a true creative, with their hands in a bit of everything. Their Instagram account is a veritable gallery of their experimentation in music, makeup, and art, and their enthusiasm for life is contagious.

Their debut EP, Head to Head, out now, is wise beyond their years, combining introspective lyrics and a mainstream pop sensibility with intimate interludes recorded straight from the voice memos on Grayson’s phone.

With a fresh voice and the optimistic openness that comes from finally settling into their true identity, Grayson is breaking down barriers in life and music.

Having grown up in the Mormon Church, then relocating to Seattle at the age of 17 to explore a career in music, Grayson has spent much of the last four years figuring out both their sound and their identity.

After forming the synth-pop band NeuYouth and then ultimately settling in Los Angeles, Grayson partnered with young production whiz Aiden to start working on what would ultimately become Head to Head.

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