10 Top Films About LGBTIQ+ Women Released In 2017Let’s snuggle up to watch films about queer women.

As the temperature heats up, Summer reaches its peak, and the roads get filled with holiday shoppers, you may be less inclined to brave the blistering outdoors, so grab a (breathable) blanket, a strategically placed fan, and your favourite girl to snuggle up for some much-deserved movie time. This year we’ve had a bumper crop of movies about LGBTIQ+ ladies in 2017, so let’s run down some of the best.

1. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

This Netflix documentary tells the real-life story of Stonewall veteran and trans rights activist Marsha P. Johnson. Her story is told by activist Victoria Cruz through the lens of Marsha’s untimely and mysterious death- the NYPD’s suicide ruling has been hotly contested by those who knew her. This movie is all the more relevant as violence against trans women (especially trans WOC) continues to rise in 2017.

2. The Misandrists

In this brilliant sex comedy, a lesbian separatist commune is attempting to destroy the patriarchy and usher in a new female world order through lesbian sex. Considering how some powerful men are currently destroying the world, I think we should try the Misandrists’ plan. Things can only get better, right?

3. Women Who Kill

Three words: lesbian murder mystery. True crime podcasters and ex-girlfriends Morgan and Jean find themselves at the centre of the murders they have been chronicling when one of them falls for the beautiful Simone, who may have murdered her employer.

Don’t watch alone.

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4. They

This coming-of-age story tells the story of 14-year-old J, a genderqueer child who spends a week with their sister, her Iranian boyfriend, and his family. As you might expect, it’s not exactly smooth sailing.

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5. Axolotl Overkill

Sixteen-year-old Mifti is rich and beautiful but that doesn’t fill the hole in her heart from the death of her mother or the neglect of her father. Instead, she turns to drugs and partying with her best friend Ophelia before developing an obsession with hardened criminal Alice.

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6. Princess Cyd

Here the titular Cyd visits her author aunt in Chicago and falls for mohawked barista Katie (as well as a muscled gardener) and unlike most movies, which shy away from female sexuality, we are treated to a real love scene between Cyd and Katie.

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7. The Party

This comedy features several intertwining storylines which centre on a party held by British politician Janet to celebrate her appointment as Shadow Health Minister and culminates in someone being at the wrong end of a gun (not a spoiler! The movie opens on this scene). Hopefully, your holiday parties are less dramatic.

One such storyline features academic Martha and her newly pregnant partner Jinny squabbling over the correct degree of radical feminism to assume in 2017, while fellow party guest April calls Martha “a first-rate lesbian and a second-rate thinker”.

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8. Battle of the Sexes

This biopic about the infamous 1973 tennis match between tennis legend Billie Jean King and noted sexist Bobby Riggs doesn’t just focus on the battle for equal pay and women’s participation in sport but also showcases Billie Jean’s affair with her secretary Marilyn Barnett.

IRL, Barnett filed a palimony lawsuit against King effectively outing her and causing her to lose millions in endorsement deals.

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9. A Million Happy Nows

This drama about former soap opera star Lainey retiring to a beach house with her longtime girlfriend Eva is one to cry to, as her early-onset Alzheimer’s puts a real strain on the couple’s relationship.

No matter how beautiful their house or how much money they have, it can’t make Lainey better or give them more time. In the end, all they have is each other.

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10. My Days of Mercy

Lucy (played by lesbian actor Ellen Page), whose father is on Death Row, is protesting the death penalty when she meets Mercy, who is counter-protesting in favour of the death penalty. The pair then make a macabre date for the next time prison in their area executes someone. Love blooms in adversity but can it bloom across this political divide?

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Bonus: Ingrid Goes West

This film is technically not about a queer woman- although Ingrid is played by bisexual actor Aubrey Plaza- but there’s a lot of sapphic subtext in Ingrid’s obsession with Instagram celebrity Taylor.

They are not in a relationship and there are a lot of disturbing themes in this film but Ingrid does- in her own twisted way- love Taylor.

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These were some of my favourite movies about LGBTIQ+ women released in 2017, but I’m interested to hear what queer lady-centric films you saw this year and loved. Let me know in the comments below.