The Billboard-featured, Brooklyn-based indie chanteuse delivers intrepid pop realness this winter.

Her newest single/video, “Girl I Never Was,” boasts a taut narrative on total self-acceptance in the face of an inherently chauvinistic society. We caught up with the tireless Gemini, who recently became bisexual.

When did this epiphany that you were bisexual happen, and how, and what form did it take?

I just developed a crush on a girl, and then another crush on another girl. It was undeniable to me at that point. Because I’m not the most sexually driven person, it took having actual feelings for a girl to realise that I am bisexual/bi-romantic…maybe somewhere between the two.

Before that, did you have a connection to or awareness of the LGBTQ community?

Yes. Being immersed in the Brooklyn LGBTQ community has helped open me up to exploring the idea of gender and sexuality. I was able to start questioning narratives I was holding on to about myself. I once had the opportunity to work for Diego Montoya (iconic Brooklyn Designer) when he created Sasha Velour’s stunning finale look that she WON in. It was surreal and one of my life’s most exciting/inspiring moments. To this day, the easiest way to get me out of bed and out on the town is to invite me to a gay bar or a drag show.

Women seem important to you anyway, e.g. the song and video for “Somewhere Above”. It feels like you write about the complexities of being a woman and having female subjectivity rather than just singing about being in love with a guy. What drives your songwriting?

I love all who identify as women. I love adding to the female perspective through my lyrics. Somewhere Above is about looking at time from a non-linear perspective and the “genderlessness” of our souls. I think we are thousands of people in one little package, so I explore that notion in the song. I’ve been in a committed relationship for eight years now, so when you don’t have to write about falling in love and breaking up, you end up exploring other concepts, such as the relativity of time, what it means to be a human, your newfound queerness, etc……….… It’s a relief because I’m pretty sure the world has plenty of songs about falling in love and breaking up.

Girl I Never Was is definitely about duality, and you’re a Gemini — how does this affect your creativity?

Thanks! I’m triple Gemini. Sun, moon and rising. It’s as exhausting as it sounds, plus a little more exhausting than that. I experience decision paralysis on the reg. I was also born on 5/31 at 5:31, so there’s that. I think it just makes me incredibly thought and word driven. I love having an element of wit in my songwriting. Nothing I write is ever 100% serious. I always want some comic relief or a  bit of lightheartedness in my music, and I think that’s partially due to my intensely Gemini nature.

What inspires you daily?

The promise of another bowl of delicious ramen is on the horizon.

Will you be touring or gigging in support of the single?

I actually will not be. I’m exhausted from being a triple Gemini. But look out for new music shows in 2020!