Heather Peace
Heather Peace

This EP promises to be Peace’s most upbeat and fun record so far.

Following a break to spend time with her wife and new baby, Heather Peace has announced that she will be releasing a follow up to her 2014 album The Thin Line. Come Home will be released on Friday 8 April on Heather’s label, Kaleidoscope Records.

The first single off the EP, Lightbulb, will also be released on Friday.

The Thin Line was Heather’s second and biggest album and entered the UK Independent Album Chart’s top ten. We Can Change, the lead single, was played locally and nationally throughout the UK.

Once again, Heather teamed up with fans to help make Come Home via Pledge Music. This allowed her fans intimate, behind-the-scenes access to the ten-day recording process. Due to the excitement of Heather’s fans, she was able to reach her full Pledge target in under a week. According to Anna Mason at Pledge, it usually takes around a month for an artist to raise 75% of the funds, which Heather did in less than 24 hours.

Heather said, “Pledge is the best way to get an independent record made. If you know there’s demand for that record, you can feel completely connected to the people who like your music.”

This will apparently be Heather’s most upbeat and fun record so far. Heather wrote all of the songs and played several different instruments for recording while incorporating catchy beats, funky bass lines, and infectious arrangements. She said, “I played the glockenspiel! And for the first time, my drums have made it onto a record.”

About choosing Lightbulb as the first single, Heather said, “I’d already decided that the whole EP should have a journey and Lightbulb was the final song in that journey.”

“It’s a sad song, about the realisation that a relationship is over, and it would have been the obvious choice to make it a ballad. The original demo is slow.”

Peace notes that Charlotte Ridley, her co-writer, helped make the decision to “be bold with it and send it very disco!” Heather added, “It’s good to fight against the obvious. And it’s good to have a bit of a disco now and then.”

Listen to Lightbulb here.