Rachael Sage returns with a great new album, Choreographic, which focuses on her love of dance

Rachael Sage returns with a great new album, Choreographic, which focuses on her love of dance

Rachael Sage is a favourite of so many. There is a clear reason why: her music speaks to you in a way that so few are able to do. Choreographic is Sage’s latest album and focuses on her first love: dance.

Sage has envisaged each of the tracks as fully-choreographed, multi-media experiences. There are various videos to come in the future.

Hooked in with the piano riff of the first track “Heaven,” Sage delivers a tune that dances through the bars and drives her vocals. The constant of the piano riff has you begging for more by the time the last bar is played.

The orchestral elements build and continue in “Loreena” backed by the piano and lead by the powerful strings section. This is nicely contrasted with “Try Try Try” which has a distinctive pop focus with a dash of folk fiddle.

In describing her definition of dance Sage says there is only one word for it, “freedom”. When expanding on this she states,

“We’re in a moment where we realize how precious creative freedom is. What a gift it is to be able to share it with each other, across all borders and boundaries.”

This resonates in a world where freedom in its many shapes and forms can sometimes feel elusive.

Perhaps fueling this further for Sage is the fact that she was working on this album and touring in Paris at the time of the terrorist attacks. She says that incident and her proximity to it gave her a renewed sense of direction and focus in completing this album.

That focus can be heard throughout the album. Even more so in “Clear Today”, which she sings about the distress of leaving a once great love, “even though I love you, it’s just not enough.” Her lament is powerful and the melody gives a sense of whimsy to the piece.

The album is produced by Sage, and Grammy award winning producer Andy Zulla (Indina Menzel and Rod Stewart). It balances piano with chamber pop and orchestral elements to give us some memorable and addictive melodies. Set for release on  May 20, this is another solid offering from Sage for the collection.